Aviso de Subasta

​PRYCA Operation Support Trailers Site

Subasta Número: DI-21-S-0001

Información General
Agencia: Guardia Nacional de Puerto Rico (GNPR)
Tipo Subasta:
Localización del Proyecto:
Juana Díaz
Fecha Reunión Pre-Subasta:


Lugar Pre-Subasta:
Fecha Entrega Pliegos:
Desde: lunes, 16 de noviembre de 2020
Hora: 9:00 a. m.

Hasta: viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2020
Hora: 3:00 p. m.
Fecha Apertura:
lunes, 7 de diciembre de 2020
Hora: 10:30 a. m.

Costo Pliegos:

  ​The Construction and Facilities Management Office (CFMO) of the Puerto Rico National Guard (GNPR) is interested in hiring the services of a duly qualified entity for the construction of PRYCA Operation Support Trailers Site. The proposed acquisitoin is the development of a trailers park in support of the operation of the Puerto Rico Youth Challenge Academy at Fort Allen Training Center. The evaluation criteria will be clearly defined in the bid documents. 

COL Carlos R. Caez-Sierra
State Construction and Facilities Management Office Director

Notas Especiales

(1). Considering the Executive Orders enforced by the goverment of Puerto Rico that limit face-to-face activities to minimize the spread of COVID-19, the Puerto Rico Nationa Guard (PRNG) has determined to modify the process for the distribution of bid documents. Legal entities ​interested in participating in this bid must contact the agency to be register. The contact person for this bid is Mrs. Sol M. Rosario and she can be contacted at (787)-289-1400 extensions 1058/1051/1062. (2). Registration period for this bid is from November 16, 2020 at 9:00am to November 20, 2020 at 3:00pm. Registration is compulsory to participate in this bid. Interested parties must provide their contact information. Once the participation registration period is completed, a staff member from the Construction and Facilities Management Office (CFMO) will Contact the interested parties via email and send them the link where they can obtain the bidding documents. If it is not possible to communicate via email, CFMO staff will contact the number provided by the Contractor by telephone. Only one call will be made. The bidding documents have no cost to the participant. (3). Considering the current situation, there will not be a pre-bid meeting. Questions must be in writing, directed to the attention of Mrs. Sol M. Rosario, Business Technician, cc CW2 Luis A. Sepulveda, Business Manager, to; The Contractor is responsible for calling and confirming receipt of your questions at (787)-289-1400 ext 1058. The deadline for submitting questions is December 01, 2020 at 3:00pm. (4). A compulsory Site-Visit will be held on November 25, 2020. The format of the same will be defined once the registration period closes. The information will be published by addendum to all participants who register. (5). Proposal must be submitted to the CFMO Office, located at 552 Borinqueneer ST Fort Buchanan Guaynabo, PR (JointForce Headquarters Building). The deadline for submitting proposals is December 07, 2020 at 10:00am. The proposal will be publicly opened and read aloud in Conference Room of the CFMO on December 07, 2020 at 10:30. Each proposal must be accompanied by a Bid Bond in the corresponding amount of ten percent (10%) of the bid price. The Bidders may submit the Bid Bond through a surety company on behalf of the Puerto Rico Army National Guard (PRANG). Bond Capacity is required. The bidding documents must be submitted in a sealed envelope, duly identified, following the bid instructions. The number of copies is established in the bidding documents. It is not open to the public. The envelopes will be opened exclusively by the GNPR personnel assigned for this. Once the Board makes a determination in this regard, the results will be published to all participants. (6). As a preventive measuer against COVID-19, any person who requres access to the GNPR facilities must follow/comply wiht protocol: (a) person's temperature will be taken; (b) person must wear a mask at all times; (c) person must register at the office of interest to visit. Only one representative per company is allowed and they must follow the rules of social distancing, established based on the number of people who are submitting documents at that time. (7). Entities interested in participating must present evidence of the following: Universal Data Numbering System (DUNS); Commercial and Goverment Entity (CAGE) and Award Management System (SAM). In addition, the must comply with the administrative and qualification requirements established in the specifications. (8). The PRNG reserves the right to modify and/or cancel this process at any time. 

Información de Contacto

Contacto Agencia: Sol M. Rosario
Teléfono Contacto: (787)-289-1400 ex 1058
Email Contacto Agencia:
Fecha Publicación:11/13/2020